Hiking in Liguria: Monte Bric Mindino suitable for winter hiking and snowshoeing.

bric mindinoThe itinerary is very much suitable for winter hiking and snowshoeing.

From Glue Casotto (1381), in correspondence of the residential buildings on the opposite side to the ski lifts, comes off a dirt road that goes winding through the forest.

bric mindino mappa
During the climb you ignore the right to Colle di Prato Rotondo.

The road out of the woods in the Rocks Rascazzo and continues up the hillside towards the Bric Mindino.

At this point, in the presence of a good snowpack, one can not overlook the road and walk freely along the snow-covered fields, taking as a reference the imposing summit cross (1879).

Casotto GLUE (1381) - BRIC Mindino (1879) - Winter Snowshoe Rise time: 2 hours
Total time: 3.30 hours

The Bric Mindino the Antoroto, Pizzo d'Ormea, Mongioie and Conoia Bric, Cima and Cima Pian delle Saline Ballaur are in a chain of the Ligurian Alps rising suddenly from the valley of Punta Marguareis Garessio welding with the Alpine Ventimiglia.

This chain is well located south of the Tanaro Valley deep throat that Garessio lean westward Carnino brigasche fractions and Upega. To the north, however, five ridges parallel and perpendicular to it down toward the plain then bifurcates into ridges separated by valleys Monregalese Valley Mongia, Casotto Val, Roburentello Valley, Val Corsaglia, Maudagna Val, Valley Ellero Valley Lurisia and Pesio.
The southern slope of the mountain in the Alps have become Liguria and Valle Tanaro is close to our region for culture and history to the Ligurian dialects still spoken there. Bertrand de La Cima and Cima Missun is south of Marguareis branch in the Alps that will enter and Ventimiglia in Liguria on top of Saccarello.

The Rock of the Abyss, the first peak of the Maritime Alps, stands guard at the Roya Valley., This beautiful valley, much disputed by the Savoy and the Republic of Genoa, was assigned to the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1815 and incorporated in the County of Nice . Typical of Liguria are Brig countries Tent and Italian surnames of people living there. The ridge walk Colle di Tenda to the strength of the Abyss follows the real ethnic and geographic boundaries of our region.

The mountains of the Apennines between Cirone Pass and Belfiore Top orographic node (where converge the river Magra, and Serchio Secchia) are easily accessible from La Spezia and its history and culture are also close to our region. The naked, the Alpe di Succiso and Casarola, Sillara the, Lausanne and Bragalata, the Orsaro and Marmagna Apennine mountains are very high and gloomy, which in winter must be very careful. The partenza dell'escursione alla Colla di Casotto

The departure of the excursion to glue Casotto
The track that starts from the glue and salt to Casotto carried out in the woods
The road up to Mindino with 5 cm of fresh snow
At this junction turn left must
Out of the forest
View over the green valley of Garessio and in the background, the sea
The cross of Mindino stands imposingly on top of the snow slope
Opened September 14, 1969, at the behest of the pastor of Mindino, the cross has a structure in iron pipes. 25 meters high, its construction took ten years of work, including the construction of road road that reaches from the top shelf Casotto. And 'dedicated to the fallen of all wars and keeps a shrine on the high side with the names of all those killed in the province of Cuneo
From the top of Mindino the view is outstanding. This is the chain of the Ligurian Pizzo d'Ormea to Mongioie
The old cross of Mindino with Albenga and the island of Gallinara
The backbone of the Bric's Plan stope which separates the valley from Val Casotto Mongia
The two crosses of Mindino
Panoramic view of the area dominated by the elegant top of Garessio 2000 dell'Antoroto
From the snow-covered plateau below the summit, you will enjoy all the Ligurian dall'Antoroto Marguareis

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