I hiked the Cinque Terre. Yes I did. Ok, not all of it – one pathway is impassable due to a landslide in 2011, but I walked as much as I could. I climbed up a plethora of stairs, rocks, and all for what? All to see the 5 stunning villages of the Cinque Terre; Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarolo, and Riomaggiore!

My mind can convince my body of anything and everything. Such as – No, you don’t need to buy the Cinque Terre train card – we’ll hike it all – no problem. Now, I love a good hike – I grew up outdoors, and hiking is a great way to explore. But I highly dislike stairs. I don’t get on the stairmaster in a gym for a reason. Stairs are tedious – they hurt my legs, my butt, and every other part of me with each and every step. Worse – I hate uneven stairs; I cannot manage to sustain a moderated pace. Every step is different. And without railings – THE Worst.



1.- Procida archaic beauty always wonderfully the same.
Procida archaic beauty always wonderfully the same.
The common destiny of the islands, Lesser. Whatever language you speak, wherever we gowns and from wherever they start, one street will be that to get here. L 'have a unique route, one and only one perspective, a sort of a straight line, like that every day from Naples or Pozzuoli draw the ferry to Procida. And so they become places become memories that are relived every time with this slow

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