A traditional Italian menu consists of different phases, it is conceivable that the Pizza in most cases, in Italy, is considered a single dish (single recipe). The typical menu consists of at least four courses: antipasto, primo recipe, secondo and dolce recipe, ie, appetizers, starter, main and dessert.

The antipasto is usually made by small fleshy delicacies is ivas penis and other miniatures. Cousin usually a plate or pasta based or rice. The second is meat or fish and is usually served with some accompaniment, since in these dishes there is only meat or fish and, at most, a little trim.

To accompany braised vegetables offered and also in northern polenta. The last place is the dessert, which might consist of only a small cheese board or a piece of fruit or try a regional specialty. If desired the end as some digestive concoctions are highly effective. It is usually drunk on grappa in the northern regions, south herbal liqueur is most characteristic. Also express can round out the meal.

Gelato nel biscotto al cioccolato


ke an arrow that creeps off of the seas, the simplest geometry to draw more 'long the coast here in Puglia.

But what happens in the middle ground and 'a miracle that you will discover with patience, time consuming, sometimes with difficulty.

Between Bari and Brindisi for example, with those signs on the highway that will seem bizarre invitations to derogate from the rocks and sand to get lost in the history and geography, in time and space.

Soon will be streets where the asphalt clears, guard rails are filled with stones piled to dry by drawing curves, slopes, trees and silence.



1.- Italian Cheese: expression of tradition and creativity.

Italian Cheese: expression of tradition and creativity.

If it is true that a good way to know a city or a country is through its cheese production, this statement is especially true in the case of Italy and its cheese, that expressively collect the traditional creative imagination of the Italians. It is a true national heritage, the result of the geographic and cultural diversity of the Alpine country. The northern area has the

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