Offida, the accent is on the "i" as "wine." Do you understand sporgendoti the railing behind the apse of the church of Santa Maria della Rocca thousand years, that this is a divine place: the sanctity of the shadows of this monolith of spirituality, just pierced by small arcades dwarfs, nicely minimal, and the lightness of the vineyards clinging to the slopes, down there.

The down-and-white vertical cliff, a limestone wall on which leaches the honeyed light of the afternoon Offida.
offida piantaA city that exudes a grandeur that seems just passed: the current population is just over half of the fifties.

It remains the glory, in the vast square where you can admire the Town Hall, an antiphon of brick town of Tuscany interior.

In the silence of the streets of downtown just bogged down with some effort you can hear the noises of the irons and the screams of the wounded who were in these parts daily at the time of the wars against Ascoli Still, the Guelphs against Ghibellines slew as calves forget the wonders around.

OffidaA glass of garrulous Pecorino - white DOC Offida - or polpacciuto Rosso Piceno to settle any dispute, perhaps generous to the tables of these places.
Other sights
  • The Palazzo Comunale ("Town Hall"), built between the 13th and 14th century. It has a merloned central tower, while the façade is preceded by a protico with seven arcades and a loggia added in the 15th century. The interior houses a small art gallery with works by Pietro Alamanno and Simone de Magistris.
  • Sanctuary of St. Augustine, built in 1338-1441. The façade is in Baroque stle (1686), while the interior was modified and expanded in the 18th century with Latin Cross plan and late Baroque decorations. It houses a precious silver !relic cross" executed in Venice in the 13th century.
  • Church of Madonna dell Suffragio, with an external fresco by Simone de Magistris.
  • Monastery of San Marco, built by the Franciscans in the 14th century. The church with the same name is from 1738 (a rose window and other Gothic-style details from a pre-existing structure can be seen today).

Offida Collegiata_Offida_arch_P_Maggi
Offida S_Agostino_interno

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