la nuda  From the Passo del Cerreto (1261), follow the paved road in the direction of Cerreto Laghi for about 1 km.

When approaching a curve to the left (in 1269) you leave it and take on the right a dirt road that ends at some houses.

Then you continue on the path that takes off into the beech woods until you come out on the open ground, in the wild amphitheater of the Valley of Hell.

Go past the bivouac Rosario (1700) and remount the head of the valley very steeply up to the saddle Nude (1818).

liguria mapFinally, continuing along the ridge, you will soon reach the summit of Monte La Nuda (1895).

The mountains of the Apennines between Cirone Pass and orographic knot of Cima Belfiore (on which converge the basins of the Magra, the Secchia and the Serchio) are easily accessible from La Spezia and for its history and culture are also close to our region.

Rise Time: 2.15 am  
Total time: 4 hours Marking: 00-GEA


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The proposed route lends itself very much in the winter to snowshoe hiking.

Warning: with special hard snow conditions may be necessary crampons.

It starts from the square below the station of the chairlift (1376) and follow faithfully the stock ex-military Monesi-Colle di Tenda rising first switchback below the chairlift and then turns sharply to the west toward the valley of the Rio Bavera. After crossing the border between the provinces of Imperia and Cuneo (1650 road sign), it crosses the ski lift Plateau just above his departure and cross the end wall of the ski slope.

Shortly after you get onto a second track, less steep than the previous one, and follow it to the right, leaving the road to the Passo Tanarello. This track is reunited with her previous output by larches, with the big statue of the Redeemer now in plain sight. With strenuous climb you reach the Redeemer (2164), and in short, to crest the summit of Saccarello (2200).

On your return you may want to do a loop through the beautiful Refuge Sanremo (2078). To get there you walk always on the north side of the ridge just below the ridge, taking care to frames and above the holes in the snow that sometimes are created in correspondence with rocks or shrubs buried.
From the hut we descend towards the east along a clear canyon (very popular with off-piste skiers) that flows into the great valley dominated by Frontè. Before you reach the bottom of the valley, turn left and you will soon reach halfway up the Margheria Panizzi. From here, along the ski slopes, you will then return to the parking lot of the chairlift.

Saccarello (2200) - Winter Snowshoe Rise time: 3.15 hours Total time: 6 hours


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la nuda The departure is from the picnic area at the bridge over the Rio provincial Giairetto (1585) on the border between the provinces of Cuneo and Imperia.

E 'reachable by car or by Upega (3,5 km) from both Monesi through the Collection of Sauces (1623).

Here begins a forest track that dates the beautiful larch forest of Shuttles (a good path to cut a few bends). At an altitude of 1900 meters is meets a road dirt ex-military hillside Monesi-Colle di Tenda.

liguria mapFollow the road to the north (right) to a few hundred meters to the point where it intersects a distinct ridge. You leave the road and climb to the left along a track (not marked) that follows the thread of this ridge in between the valleys of the Rio Giairetto (south) and the Rio Crow (north).

With smooth path you gain the ridge of watershed-Roya Tanaro (border with France) just south of the Colla Rossa. Here is uncontaminated a good trail and follow it to the south (yellow markings) just below the Top Missun which separates a small path that leads quickly to the summit cross (2356).

From Missun you follow the trail back then along this road until the Colla Rossa (2179) at the foot of Bertrand. From here there is a thin track (not marked), which initially was the thread of the ridge and then move to sull'erto grassy slope that falls in the Roya Valley. For steep green hill and rocks to finally reach the summit of Cima Bertrand (2481).

On the way back we continue north along the ridge until you reach within minutes the easy trail that descends to the right cutting along the hillside around the eastern side of the mountain (yellow markings) to the Colla Rossa. Glue to turn left on a path (not marked) that descends to the east. The trail passes next to a dilapidated hut, enter the larch forest and come out on the rolling stock Monesi-Colle di Tenda at the Poggio del Lagone (1897). Turn right and follow the dirt road for 1.5 km to the entrance of the forest track that shows the picnic area of ​​the Giairetto.

Rise Time: 2.15 am to 1.30 + Missun Top to Top Bertrand Total Time: 5.45 am

cima bertrand_missun_giairetto

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