Dragons on Halloween? Do you expect an evening with friends to celebrate Halloween but don't know what to prepare for dinner?

In this section you will find lots of ideas to make simple, tasty and even ... scary main courses!

Choose among the many quick and easy recipes and, without difficulty, you will conquer adults and children.

Among the countless ingredients available to you, it is impossible not to think of the symbol of this festival par excellence: the pumpkin.

Halloween recipes the scariest night of the whole year: burger dragons with Galbanino.

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Discover all the recipes with yellow squash and bring easy and delicious second courses of Halloween to the table such as, for example, grilled pumpkin and galbanino or the cremosissimi flan.

Have fun creating monstrous burger dragons, which will make children go crazy *, garnish your creations with spiders, spider webs and ghosts and you're done! What are you waiting for?

Wear the scariest costume you have and bring Halloween to the kitchen too! Will you frighten your friends or delight them?

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for 4 people

4 slices of Galbanino in slices
4 sandwiches for hamburgers
500 g cooked red beans
½ onion
2 teaspoons of mustard
2 eggs
1 sprig of parsley
1 cooked carrot
2 black olives
corn flour to taste
breadcrumbs to taste
4 tablespoons of ketchup
1 pinch of salt and pepper
extra virgin olive oil to taste
salad to serve

Preparation .

15 '

  • Take the sandwiches and cut them in half lengthwise.
  • Then prepare the burgers by draining the beans very well from their cooking water.
  • Pour them into the mixer and add spices, cooked and previously drained onion, mustard, parsley and whisk well.
  • Then add the eggs, stir and add breadcrumbs until the mixture is workable but not sticky.
  • Pass the burgers obtained in the corn flour and set them aside.
  • Meanwhile, peel the carrot, cut it into slices to simulate the eyes and set them aside.
  • Take the black olives and cut them into strips to create the eyebrows of the dragons.

15 '

  • Take the burgers and cook them in the oven or pan for about 10 minutes with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, browning both sides.
  • Take the lower part of the sandwiches and spread on the ketchup.
  • Lie down on the burgers.
  • Take four slices of Galbanino and shape them with scissors, to simulate the teeth of the little dragon.
  • Place the slice of Galbanino on the burger and cover with the top half of the bread.

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Dragons decoration.
  • Decorate the burger with the eyes and eyebrows previously prepared and served with rocket or fresh salad.

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