Sanremo the city of flowers, architecture and art.

sanremo_veduta aereaSanremo, the fourth center of Liguria is known as the city of flowers. The lush flora of the city is due to the mild climate which characterizes the Italian Riviera.

A temperate climate, a slight breeze that blows constantly and winter never too hard.

Sanremo was founded in Roman times along the Via Julia Augusta. In Trececnto passed under the Maritime Republic of Genoa. Napoleon was at the end of 700, while in 1814 it was annexed to the Kingdom of Sardinia Savoy.

sanremo-mapToday it is the seat of the Sanremo Festival of the Italian Song, the "Festival di Sanremo", which takes place at the Ariston theater every year for the past more than half a century. The city is home to more than a hundred years the Casino.

As for the architecture and art, Sanremo has some points of particular interest: the Castello Devachan, in a style that recalls the Art Nouveau, built at the end of 800, the Collegiate Basilica Cathedral of San Siro, the Russian Orthodox Church, wanted by the Russian nobility who came here to spend the winter at the end of 800.

Sanremo is a place ideal for a summer holiday, to enjoy the beautiful summer Liguria, and for a stay during the spring, during the festival, in winter, when the weather is mild and the scenery is gorgeous.
The protection offered in Sanremo from mountain ridge that rises immediately behind it makes the climate of the city is by far the most gentle among those detected in Liguria in northern Italy and in the top part of the center (similar climatic conditions will meet just south of the city of Rome).

sanremo_veduta aerea

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