Ostuni the White City, suspended between the blue Adriatic and the green hills of olive trees.

In the heart of Apulia more beautiful, suspended between the blue Adriatic and the green hills of olive trees.

Ostuni the White City famous in the world, is home to the "White City Resort" incomparable setting for relaxation, entertainment and quality restaurants.

Words are a pretext to peek at the photos, which are an excuse to talk of Ostuni. Because of Ostuni the author might say, the White City.

ostuni43But more than that the lightning can remember who mistreats his eyes when the sun finally makes its way into a patch of sky free of rainclouds.

Exit a twilight heated by white reflections and feel the light that embraces first, and then crushes. Against the walls, to him succulents, between the legs of cats curled up.

Under the faces, in the porticoes, in the shadow of clothes hanging. What else would just be demeaning flags of slovenliness, here are a symptom of that goes inside out: palazzi - multi-storey houses stacked one on the other - are huddled, sunken, narrow, covet each other.

And instantly to flow into an exterior that is only continuation: the streets as corridors, squares as small rooms, decorated with the same care. Vases of flowers painted shutters, cats, ostuni_maprats nothing.

"Ostuni is the scenic city par excellence, every house is a belvedere, every restaurant is the Bellavista, at each window there is a poet who looks in the plain below the olive trees that cangian color to every wind [...] In Ostuni houses are white, milk and lime, are white to hurt the eyes are pure white walls, windows, doors, stairs, everything is impossibly white. [...] A Ostuni going to understand what it means to be sheltered from the sun [...] not to want more novels, not to think more distant travel, here is the charm of all the cities of the seas South, here is the 'equator at hand. "

(Ettore Della Giovanna)


ostuni Messapian_pottery

ostuni via_Continelli_Bixio

ostuni vico_Lorenzo_Santalari












source: Immagini d’Italia

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