The Best Romantic Getaways in Italy.

costa_esmeraldaCosta Esmeralda (Sardinia): Since the 1960s, The Emerald Coast of Sardinia has been a mecca of the rich and famous, many arriving on million-dollar yachts for an off-the-record vacation. Heavenly bays are overlooked by olive tree covered hills. The coast with its sandy beaches is studded with some of the poshest beach resorts in Europe.

  • Spoleto: Spoleto is as ancient as the Roman Empire and as timeless as the music presented there every summer during its world-renowned arts festival. The architecture of this quintessential Umbrian hill town is centered on a core of religious buildings from the 13th century. It's even more romantic during the off season, when the crowds are less dense.
  • Bellagio: Often called "the prettiest town in Europe," Bellagio is perhaps the loveliest town in Italy's beautiful Lake District. Its lakeside promenade, which follows the shores of Lake Como, is fragrant with flowers in bloom. Couples can spend their days exploring the arcaded streets and little shops, visiting lush gardens, and relaxing in the sun.
  • Capri: Floating amid azure seas south of Naples, Capri is called the "Island of Dreams." Everywhere, you'll find the aroma of lemon trees in bloom. Roman emperors Augustus and Tiberius both went there for R & R, and since the late 1800s celebrities have flocked to Capri for an escape. A boat ride around the island's rugged coastline is one of our favorite things to do.
  • Ravello: It's small, sunny, and loaded with notable buildings (such as its 1086 cathedral). Despite its choice position on the Amalfi coast, Ravello manages to retain the aura of an old-fashioned village. Famous residents have included writer Gore Vidal.
  • Taormina: This resort, the loveliest place in Sicily, is brimming with regional charm, chiseled stonework, and a sense of the ages. Favored by wealthy Europeans and dedicated artists, especially in midwinter, when the climate is delightful, Taormina is a fertile oasis of olive groves, grapevines, and orchards. Visitors will relish the delights of the sun, the sea, and the medieval setting.


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