Beautiful views of the Ligurian Sea, to the south, and the hills of the Maritime Alps and the Ligurian Apennines, north (Part 3).

The ridge between the Pass of Garland and the Refuge Sanremo: the Saccarello at the bottom left, right Cima Bertrand - April 22, 2009
It looks like this in the Bog of Laione Beigua Park: a real lake. About the melting of snow this winter has been exceptionally generous - May 2, 2009
Going sull'Armetta from the Hill of Caprauna: view towards the group and Saccarello to Pizzo d'Ormea - May 9, 2009
Going sull'Armetta from the Hill of Caprauna: view towards the group and Saccarello to Pizzo d'Ormea - May 9, 2009
The peak of Mount Armetta and in the background, Pizzo d'Ormea - May 9, 2009
At the top all'Antoroto. Panorama towards Pizzo d'Ormea and Mongioie - May 20, 2009
The Basin Piaggia Bella and shelter Saracco steering wheel where they pass routes for the Cima delle Saline, Cima Pian Ballaur and Marguareis - June 2, 2009
View into the Val Pesio and the Maritime Alps ascent to Cima North Serpentera from the shelter Garelli - June 7, 2009
Panorama from the Top of the Saline: Val Heller, Cima Cars left and small, the refuge Mondovi - June 13, 2009
Panorama from Cima Pian Ballaur - June 13, 2009
From Pizzo d'Ormea: the carving of the Glue Lace framed by rhododendrons - June 19, 2009
In Aveto: Prato della Cipolla, Monte Bue and Maggiorasca - June 25, 2009
Going up to the Fortress of the Abyss: the strong Giaura and in the background the Marguareis - June 28, 2009
From the top of the fortress of the Abyss: Peirafica in the lakes of the French side are still frozen - June 28, 2009
The fort above Central Col di Tenda - June 28, 2009
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