Arte Sella, Art and Nature International Meeting.

Arte Sella is an international exhibition of contemporary art which began life in 1986. It takes place in the open, in the fields and woods of the Sella Valley (Borgo Valsugana municipality, in the Province of Trento).

Since 1996 the Arte Sella project has been laid out along a path in the woods on the southern slope of the Armentera Mount. The ideal route, named ARTENATURA (“Art in Nature”) which has taken shape in this way is designed to enable visitors to observe the works of art and at the same time to enjoy the natural site itself with its different types of woods, rocks and monumental trees.

The idea of the exhibition is not just to display works of art but also to show the creative process involved in them: the works are followed day by day in their development as they are created and the artists are called upon to express their respectful relationship with nature from which they draw inspiration.

The works are usually three-dimensional since they are created using stones, leaves, branches and tree-trunks; occasionally man-made objects, materials or colours are also used. When the exhibition closes, many of the artworks are left to decay, thus becoming part of nature’s life-cycle; others are put on show in museums, art galleries and exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

In the last few years Arte Sella has expanded to the nearby Malga Costa (Costa shepherd’s hut). This unusual but attractive building has been the setting of several exhibitions, events and creative workshops which have attracted considerable interest and have rendered the shepherd’s hut an effective experimental and exhibition area.

Borgo Valsugana can be reached from national road SS.47. It is about 35Km from Trento and 100 Km from Padua.

The nearest airports are „Catullo“ in Verona and „Marco Polo“ in Venice.
A bus service connects both airports to the railway stations of Verona Porta Nuova and Venezia S.L.

Borgo Valsugana can also be reached by taking the Trento-Venice train line.
The Sella Valley is about 7Km from Borgo Valsugana, about 800 meters above sea level.

Parking area:
- locality Carlon: 50 car parks (a charge is levied for their use from June until September);
- other free car parks along the Valley.

Free shuttle bus service:
Every Sunday between June 1rd and September 30th a free shuttle bus service is at your disposal from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. The bus stops at the Osteria al Legno and at the Carlon car park.

If disabled people are on board, the bus will continue its run as far as Malga Costa (Costa shepherd’s hut area).
The first run will stop at the Borgo Valsugana Est station (9:30 a. m.).

No bus transit:
Due to the remarkable traffic flow in the Sella Valley during the summer months of July and August, the Borgo Valsugana town council prohibits any bus transit from Soggiorno Val Paradiso to the Carlon area on Saturdays and holidays, with the exception of the authorized ones. The authorization must be required at the Borgo Valsugana municipal police station.


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