Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hiking in Liguria: Pizzo d’Ormea.

pizzo_ormea  From the last houses of Chionea (1102) take the trail that goes right to the nearby glue and Chion (1223). Of the hill, turn left and follow the path that follows more or less faithfully the backbone of Costa Valcaira.

After passing near the refuge Valcaira (2010, located just below the dorsal side of the Tanaro), we arrive at the great repeater (2370) at the foot of the cone terminal of Pizzo. For easy rocks you to the peak (2476).

pizzo_ormea_chionea mapOn the way back down briefly along the ridge to the west and turn right onto a track that cuts back the northern slope of the mountain and that leads to Glue Lace (2202).

From here you go down to the lake below the Lace (2073) without reaching the banks: in fact, the trail passes just above the lake to climb up the hillside to the east and rejoin the Costa Valcaira (2200). From here you can retrace.

Rise time of 3.30 hours  
 Total Time: 6.45 am

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