The Italian excellence in food and cooking: meat and fish.

There are many recipes for meat, most famous as the ossobuco, the Bistecca alla fiorentina of Tuscany, the Piedmont muffin misto (accompanied by green sauce), some preparations as stracotto stewed in Barolo (braised in wine) or in soups as busecca (soup made with beef tripe), the tonnato vitello (veal with tuna and anchovies), the piccata (veal with artichokes in papillot), the messicani (thin escalopes), the abbacchio, etcetera.

he fish, abundant in the seas of the peninsula, is very elaborate especially in Sicily. Are also important Fish river and lakes, such as salmon trouts, lamprey, various fish soups, etc.. Fish and shellfish are the main delights of Italian cuisine. It is soute or seafood chowder and spaghetti alle vongole (clams), alle cozze (mussels) and ai ricci (sea urchin).
Umido di agnello

scaloppine di seitan all’uva
Polpettine di carne con mele e polvere di curry_thumb[2]
rane fritte
Faraona con mele, uva e olive
Arrosto ai due colori
Arista al cavolo nero e melagrana
Calamari ripieni caramellati
Gamberi saltati con riso bianco
Tartare di tonno scottata con timo limone e pistacchi
Halibut con arance e ruchetta
Tartare di orata al mango e lime
Sogliola di laguna, cipolla e porri selvatici
Trota con yogurt, sedano e caviale
Dal di cavolfiore
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