The Italian excellence in food and cooking: fruits and vegetables.

The Italian cuisine of our country is extraordinarily diverse, because it is also made up of small regional excellence, perhaps less well-known internationally, but of which they are proud of the small towns that produce them.

The variety is also due to the many invasions over the centuries, during which populations occupants took their dishes, which were then harmonically revisited by Italian chefs.

An example: the Sicilian cuisine combines couscous inherited from the Arabs and rolls born in the Bourbon period in a matrix of Hellenic cuisine.

Verdure saltate con tempeh

Rapa a fiore
Raita di verdure miste
Olio piccante all’aglio e peperoncino Pak choi croccante con pinoli Marroni con cavolini di Bruxelles Lenticchie con lardo, pancetta e carote
Lattughine ripiene con conchiglie di mare
Lampascioni alla pugliese Fagioli con funghi porcini e verdure Fagioli bianchi con cipollotti
Eliche e zucchine al basilico e pinoli
Delizie con cipolle ed erbe aromatiche
Dal di cavolfiore
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